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Robin said:   October 24, 2012 7:12 am PST
OMG Thank you so much! We just got back from the house, and I am so super pleased with your work!! As you know, this is our rental property, and we really thought we were going to have to replace the carpet. Every thing looks GREAT, and I have no doubt with you cleaning it, we'll get another 5 years or more out of it now! We're so excited to get you to our house next week:) Thanks again!

S. Roth - Winter Park said:   September 16, 2012 10:15 am PST
Excellent Service! Every part of my job went great. The woman who scheduled my appointment was very helpful and super friendly. The gentleman who performed our cleaning was on time and very professional. Everything came out far beyond our expectations. I am more than happy to recommend Apex!

Joel & Brenda - The Villages said:   September 11, 2012 7:58 am PST
These guys are #1 in our book. My husband and I host game nights and other get-togethers pretty regularly, so we usually have our house cleaned twice a year when we head up north to visit our friends and family. We have always used the same big name company for our carpets, and we generally come home to find a few spots here & there that were not removed during the cleaning or came back after the carpet dried, and there is always a faint odor for the first day or so after we return home. Its nothing unbearable, but a sort of musky, damp kind of smell. It doesn't seem to bother my husband, but it drives me crazy. This time was completely different. The company we normally use called us hours after they were scheduled to arrive to say that we would need to reschedule because they had "over-scheduled" for the day! We were waiting for them to show up so we could hit the road, so this was a pretty major inconvenience for us. We decided to find someone else to do the job, so I called around to some of our neighbors hoping to maybe luck out and get a refferal from someone. Our friend next door is an angie's list member, and found Apex through them. Apex had very good reviews, so I gave them a call. I spoke with Alicia, who was very nice and went above and beyond to remedy a problem that had nothing to do with them, fitting us into the schedule on very short notice for the next day! The technician showed up right on time and proceeded to wow us with his work. He was very thorough, pre-treating everything before he started cleaning. I can not believe the difference in the quality of work and overall service we recieved from Apex compared to previous jobs that the other guys had done. We came home sunday evening to a clean, fresh smelling house! Apex far exceeded our expectations, and their job performance is head and shoulders above the rest! We will definitely be calling Apex back next time. Thanks again - Brenda

Terri said:   September 9, 2012 11:14 am PST
This is the 1st time I've ever felt the need to right a testimonial. That being said, our experience with Apex was nothing short of excellent! From the initial conversation, right up to the end of the job, we've been thoroughly pleased with every aspect. To give you an honest idea of what they had to contend with, our children & dogs really do a number on our flooring. There were numerous small black spots in every room with carpet, and our grout looked like it was supposed to be black, but had maybe faded a bit. In reality, our grout was once white! And now that Apex is done, our grout is bright white and beautiful again! There were dark areas on the actual tile surface that I was never able to lighten up, but that is all gone now! I'm kind of shocked by the outcome! Its like we had new tile installed. And the carpet, I don't know what to say, they removed every single black spot, and even got out several stains in the playroom and den that I thought were permanent since they had stuck around through the last 2 or 3 cleanings by other cleaners we used in the past. We're very happy to have found Apex, and highly recommend them to you. The kind of service we received from Apex doesn't just happen by accident, they are true professioanls. We decided to go with Apex after reading reviews on this site and on another broad service directory that I am a member of, and I was a little nervous that I might be disappointed with the final product after such a high level of expectation brought on by all the great things I'd read, but that just isn't the case. I couldn't be happier! By far the best experience I've ever had with any service provider, and our family uses various services regularly at our home & business, so that says a lot. I really hope you accept my recommendation. Like I said, I've never felt the need to do anything like this for anyone before, but service like this is very rare and hard to find! Right now, you've already done the hard part and found this one!

Jessica said:   August 13, 2012 9:57 am PST
I am so happy right now! Chris, of Apex, just restored our Tile & Grout for us :) They called it cleaning, but WOW, this is more than just cleaning! The color is brilliant and crisp again, and the grout is a beautiful peach color (which was black & brownish grey before the cleaning, yikes!). It has been a few days now and I still cant get over it! I have never seen this floor like this before. It is truely Like New!!! The entire floor just glows now, and the rooms even feel bigger. The whole feel of the house is different, and I Love It! I just can not believe how this has turned out. More than we could have ever hoped for. For some reason I thought that all the before & after pics on their website were of far worse floors than ours, but they are not! I had no idea just how dirty it was until Chris started to clean. I highly recommend Apex to anyone looking for any of the services they provide. I haven't had them clean my Carpet or Furniture yet, but I will soon, and I know it will be done right because that is how Apex does things, right!

Bob R. said:   April 14, 2012 12:18 pm PST
Apex saved the day! We found Apex by chance, and my wife and I could not be happier that we did. We've been using the same company for many years, until now. I don't know if I should say the company name on here so I'll just say that their initials are SS and their vans look like school busses;) Anyway, we found Apex after the other guys left us waiting around all day and never showed up! They didn't even bother to call us, we had to call them to find out what was going on! Apex, on the other hand, showed up right on time. The job performance was unlike anything I've seen. The tech came in and inspected the job, then he treated every problem area and spot according to the acual situation. Another BIG difference was the amount of time the tech spent on our cleaning. We have 5 rooms and a staircase with carpeting, and it usually takes the other guys about 40-45 min to clean it. The tech from Apex spent over 2 hours on the very same job, and the final results absolutely show it! Our carpet hasn't looked this good in years and it was dry in half the time we were expecting. We could not be happier with the service Apex provided! They've earned a life long customer in us, and hopefully many more with our recommendation.

Meradyth C. said:   February 10, 2012 4:22 pm PST
Excellent job! I've heard it said that I may have unrealistic expectations from time to time, (who me?!) but I have to say that I am totally pleased with everything Apex did for us today! The technician was on time and just did an amazing job. Our floors look wonderful. I cant say enough how happy I am that we found Apex.

Mia S. said:   January 24, 2012 8:06 am PST
Amazing job! We just had our Tile and Grout cleaned by Apex and we could not be happier:) 1st off, they were on time! I can not remember the last time anyone has been right on time! The tech explained everything that was going on with the condition of or grout, and how he was going to go about making it beautiful again, which he did! It looks like we had new tile installed!! I was so amazed to see the difference between the clean and the dirty. The pics they have listed on the site here do not do their work justice to say the least. Our grout was a dingy grey when dry, and almost pure black when wet, but now we have our wonderful light peach color grout back, and our tile is like brand new again!

Michelle M. - orlando said:   January 14, 2012 3:05 pm PST
We had Apex Carpet Solutions come and clean/condition our leather furniture this past week. The technician, Chris showed up on time, and did an amazing job on our "pet friendly" upholstery:) We also had him clean our tile foyre, which turned out LIKE NEW!! We were so happy with the fresh looking grout that we had him come back this morning to clean the tile & grout throughout our house:) Everything is clean, dry, and beautiful! It looks like we put in all new tile, no kidding like brand new! I'm so happy I could cry right now:D

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