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Katie said:   March 25, 2014 10:59 am PST
I had a really good experience with apex. I've been very disappointed with the last few cleaners I've used, but with apex I was just amazed. The best way to say it is that It was a totally different job altogether! There was no rushing, and the speed of the actual cleaning made it feel like the difference between having your kids wash your car vs having your car detailed. Usually about a third of the spots on my carpet either come back the next day, or never come out in the first place, but after apex everything looks great and spots are completely gone that have been here since the last time I had it cleaned. I'm definitely very happy with the service:)

Jess said:   December 28, 2013 8:04 am PST
I recently called Apex to clean my carpets and tile floors throughout my house before leaving to see my family for the hollidays in Ga. I found Apex through a very solid recommendation from a friend who has used them several times, so I trusted them with my house and left them to do their work while I hit the road with my dog. My job was estimated to take 6-7 hours, and right as I pulled into my parents driveway in Cartersville 7hr 20min later, they called to tell me my house was clean and my key was where I asked them to leave it:) Today I came home to a beautifully clean house! Everything looks and smells so wonderful:) I am super pleased with the job, especially since I wasn't even here to watch it happen! Great work!!

Mike J. said:   September 2, 2013 7:08 am PST
We have used Apex on 3 or 4 seperate occasions now, and each time we have been totally happy with the job. These guys are always on time, and easy to deal with. They spend quite some time on each area or item bieng cleaned, and everything always looks great when they're done. We found Apex through a friend of the family 2 or 3 years ago, and have had pretty much everything in our house cleaned by Apex at least once at this point. Their grout cleaning service is the most amazing thing, and really looks more like new grout rather than cleaned grout! You'll see what I'm talking about if you have it done. So long story short, I highly recommend you use Apex for any of the cleaning services they offer! I'm quite sure you'll have the same experience we've had with them. -Mike

Keith said:   August 23, 2013 7:46 am PST
Very good service. Nice folks to deal with. Very hard working and really took the time to get everything clean, even the spots where our dog lays around. I can't imagine any part that could have went any smoother about the whole thing. Our neighbor called and scheduled as soon as she saw how our carpets came out, and her results were the same. It has been a couple weeks now, and everything still looks great. This has definitely been a far better experience than I have ever had with any previous carpet cleaners. I can not recall ever using the same company twice, as I am usually disappointed with the work. This time I actually asked for a few business cards for my friends, and we also have them scheduled to come back and clean the tile and grout in our kitchen and Florida room next month.

Richard said:   July 1, 2013 10:12 am PST
First let me just say that we are absolutely thrilled with the service that Apex provided for us. Apex came out this past week and cleaned our carpet, our tile, and a leather sofa we recently aquired from my mother's estate. Apex was reffered to us by one of the people handling the prep and sale on mom's house, which Chris, with Apex cleaned about a week before our house was done. I only have 2nd hand info about mom's place, but as far as our house goes, the van pulled into our driveway about 5 min before our scheduled time. The technician who did our job was Craig. Craig was hard at work from the time he arrived, until the time he wrapped everything up and left! He was very helpful in explaining what was being done, and spent about 6.5 hours total cleaning 3 rooms of carpet, 1,280 sq ft of tile and grout, and 1 leather sofa. Our carpet looks better now than it has in at least 3 or 4 years, even though we've had it cleaned at least once a year by other companies! Our tile and grout also came out far better than it has ever come out before with other cleaners! It seriously looks like we re-grouted the entire house! We had this same 3 rooms and the same 1,280 sq ft of tile cleaned by the guys with the school bus yellow vans about a year ago. They were in & out in under 2 hours, charged me just a bit more than Apex did, and my grout just didn't really look very clean afterwards. The service just doesn't compare! We've used several companies over the past 15 years or so, and no one has come close to the service we got from Apex! They really take their time and do a great job for you, and that just isn't common today. -And to Chris, Alicia, and Craig...Thank you so much for a job well done! We'll see you next time.

Natasha said:   April 12, 2013 8:40 am PST
We couldn't be happier with the jobs Apex has done for us. Everything has been great from start to finish. The actual work performed has been far beyond anything I've seen in the past with other companies. Just like they say, they take their time and do the job right! Apex made the national brands look like amateurs, at best. I would have to say they spent at least twice as long as any previous company cleaning these same areas, and it really shows. We have several locations between our home, rentals, and office, and over the last few years we've used everyone from Stanley Steemer & Sears, right down to the cheapo guys with the portable machines and not one of them came close to the service we've received from Apex. We recently had Apex clean our office, and by the middle of that 1st job I was on the phone making an appointment for our home. Now we've had 3 jobs done, including our home carpet and tile & grout cleaned, and we are having them back out in 2 weeks to do our furniture. I highly recommend Apex, and plan on using them from now on!

Jean E. said:   January 29, 2013 11:59 am PST
Hello! I just wanted to share my experience with Apex. I'm very happy with their service, and felt they deserve my sharing it with you. I called several companies before choosing Apex. To begin with, I had a very nice conversation with Alicia at Apex about the job I needed and the condition of each area. Apex was not the first call I had made, and within the first few moments speaking with Alicia, I felt good about them. Alicia was very nice. She was thorough and knowledgeable. She asked detailed questions, and explained everything to me very well. Once I made up my mind to go with them, I scheduled my job for the following week, which was this past week. My appointment was set for 9-10am arrival, and the technician showed up right on time at about 5 min before 9am. He began working right away, evaluating the situation, then explaining what was going to be done and why. I don't believe he ever stopped moving until the job was complete and he had wrapped everything up. I had Apex clean just over 1200 square foot of tile, and 3 rooms of carpet, and now plan on having them come back to clean our rugs and furniture! My tile and grout both look like brand new again! My carpet looks better than it has in years! I am very pleased with Apex, and I highly recommend them. Thanks for your time, Jean

Lisa Rodriguez said:   January 3, 2013 8:52 am PST
I am very pleased with this Apex! Alicia was incredibly nice and understanding to speak to. Unfortunately, the office carpets were way dirtier than we had thought and Craig had to come out a second time to re-do the major areas. Both times he was completely nice and professional. He worked hard and kept going until I was satisfied. If you are reading these reviews to find out which company to go with, please pick Apex! It seems that these days companies that care about their customers are far and few between. Apex is of the mindframe that customer satisfaction is the most important thing!

Kelly & Mark said:   January 1, 2013 7:28 pm PST
Just think of the perfect words that I could tell you to let you know that this is the company for you, then imagine I'm saying those very words to you right now, because anything I can say would be selling these guys short! We are so happy that we found Apex. Chris & Alicia own & run Apex, and I have never had such a completely possitive experience with any service provider, ever, and as far as other carpet & tile cleaners go, No One Comes Close To Apex, period. I knew I had found the right company right from the 1st few seconds of my 1st call to Apex. Alicia took my call and was friendly & knowledgable. She asked detailed questions about the specific job to be preformed, and answered all of my questions. When Chris arrived he more than confirmed my fuzzy feelings about the whole thing to be accurate! He was right on time, explained everything he was about to do, and promtly began the task at hand. Chris cleaned about 1,000 sq ft of carpet and 1,200 sq ft of grouted tile for us, as well as resealing our grout after the cleaning. He removed stains that have been on our floors through several cleanings by S.S. and another local guy we tried! He even got out a few pet stains that we were told by S.S. & the others were permenant. Our tile floors look great! The grout is peach again, instead of the gray/black it had become! I had no idea how dirty it realy was until Chris started cleaning. I was shocked by the color change from dirty to clean!! It realy is amazing. It is as close to new as I can imagine it being! My husband was more shocked than me because he was at work while the job was done, so he got to walk in without any idea how it turned out. He was blown away by the great work Chris did on everything. We couldn't be happier with everything. Thanks again guys! We'll see you again next time:)

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